Paco Ragageles
Fondatore di Campus Party
I was born in Barcelona in 1967. As a self-taught person I dadicated my early years of my career to music, firstly working as DJ for “Top 40 Radio” and, later, cordinating a group of radio stations all over Spain.

In 1997, along with a group of friends, I founded “Campus Party” in Málaga, which has grown to become the largest and most influential event in Spain and Latin America. After Campus Party’s second year, I left radio to focus on other projects.
I am currently fully dedicated to the international expansion of Campus Party and to developing the widest geek community in the planet. With the mission of creating #somethingbetter –a social movement focused on raising conscience among geeks to use their skills and talents responsibly and for the benefit of humanity.

I live passionate about astronomy and science in general. And now I’m married with three children and living in Madrid.