Nikolay Moiseev
Lead Designer and Chief Engineer @ Final Frontier Design
Nikolay Moiseev received a Masters of Aeronautical Engineering from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1986.  He was quickly hired at Zvezda, Soviet/Russian space suit provider, and began work on space suits that was to define his career.  With gloves as a specialty, Nik's designs flew on MIR, Buran, Soyuz, and the ISS, since 1988.  Nik had opportunity to collaborate with NASA through the end of the 20th century, making trips to JSC as a representative of Russia and Zvezda.  He also worked with the ESA in development of EVA suit configuration in Germany and Belgium.  Nik left Zvezda as the lead space suit designer in 2006, for commercial space opportunities.  He won a cash prize in Astronaut Glove Challenge in 2009. He is the Co-founder, Lead Designer and Chief Engineer of Final Frontier Design, a Brooklyn-based spacesuit company that was awarded a NASA Space Act Agreement in 2014.  His continued goal is to have his suit designs walk on the surface of Mars. He has four (4) patents in space suit design and a lot of publications on space suits related topics.