Giovanni Mosiello
Consulente per l'innovazione, Blockchain explorer
After his graduation in Engineering, Giovanni brought the technical training to a next level, introducing a new generation of simulators for specialized personnel in ACEA. He participated to the InnovAction Lab startup program and founded the Microcontroller Users Group: the first community dedicated to IoT and Makers born and supported in an Italian university.

In 2015 he entered the team of Lambo as product manager. After one year the acquisition cost was lowered by 60% (30% below the category average). After this success he began his innovation consultant career helping biopharmaceutical companies to include in their processes innovative solutions and technologies present in the market.

Finally he got attracted by the blockchain technology and the Augmented Reality merging them in a time-saving solution for big manufacturing companies.

Curiosity is his best friend. His worst enemy? The boredom.